Search Engine Optimization

If you're not ranked in Google in the top 10, you are leaving thousands and maybe millions of dollars of business on the table. Today Google is the phone book to the world and it's imperative that customers find you listed for the services you provide. It's important that customers find you listed for your company name, but even more important you need to capture those customers that are generically looking for services that you provide.

There are many ways to get a high organic search ranking in Google. In a perfect world, you own a domain that has been on the internet for a number of years (you don't have to have this but it helps), you regularly create quality content, apply proper on page optimization and most importantly you develop strong backlinks to your main page as well as deep into your site. It can't be stressed enough how important back links are to your site and we can help you out with that task - we love doing it!

Organic Search and the Universe - the Parallels

Read through this analogy comparing Google search to the universe to get a deeper understanding of SEO. I warn you it's a bit deep and esoteric - but hopefully it helps!

To understand Google organic search I find it easiest to walk through an analogy. If you think of Google organic search (set paid search aside for now) as the Universe then your website is merely a planet in the universe. Your planet (website) has its own look and feel and is truly unique from every other planet out there. Now imagine you are a god (web developer) in this universe (organic search) and can build as many planets (websites) as you choose. As you are building a planet it gets set aside in a staging area and then when you’re done, you launch that planet out into the universe. You get to play god with your own planet, build oceans, continents, mountains and tons of neat features that make you stand out.

Let’s go a little further with this analogy and make all the billions of stars in the universe keyword phrases. Your planet has now setup shop in a galaxy right near one particular star (keyword phrase). Do you know which star that is? Because of the power of your domain name, that star is typically the one that has to do with the keywords in your domain.

This is important, because your planet initially has a strong gravitational pull to one particular star and eventually as you get closer to the star, you start to outrank the other planets in that galaxy. Once you crack the top 10 planets in your galaxy, you start getting a lot more heat from that star and that heat is what makes your planet come alive. Think of heat as traffic. The more heat (traffic) your planet gets, the more it grows! Who doesn’t want more heat?

How did your planet get closer and closer to the sun? You moved your planet closer to the sun by bending gravity to your will – pretty amazing stuff eh? Think of gravity as links. The more gravitational pull (links) your planet has the closer to the sun it can get.

It’s not all up to you to affect the gravitational pull of your planet, the planets around you can affect you as well! See planets have a real quirk about them; they are very self conscious of what other planets think about them. If your planet is impeccably designed or has certain geographic features that are extraordinary and unique, well other planets may throw you some of their gravity (links) as a reward – just to get closer to you! Planets have personalities as well. If you become the cool planet or the class clown planet – other planets will want to get close to you (they think some of that coolness will rub off on them). It’s important to keep this factor in mind as you build and continue to develop your planet (website) – build the best planet you can so that other planets will like you. The moral of this part of the story is: Acquire as many links as you can!

Now you might be thinking, I want my planet to rank for more than one keyword phrase – how can I do that? Well you’re going to have to bear with me as I expand our analogy a little bit here. Imagine that you can make many different versions of your planet and when you do that, you can set these slightly modified versions of your planet near stars in galaxies that you choose. Think of these different versions of your planet as pages – each time you add a page to your website you are setting up your planet in a different galaxy. The same rules still apply if you want to get closer to that new star (keyword phrase) you’re going to need to bend gravity (links) quite a bit!

If you’ve been a very busy god (web developer) and tended to your planet, you have hundreds and maybe thousands of versions of your planet in tons of different galaxies. If you’ve mastered the art of bending gravity to your will, you are probably right up there in 1st, 2nd or 3rd spot in the planetary rotation. By now you probably have so much heat you don’t know what to do with it!

Maybe it’s time to start shipping that heat off to other people? If heat is traffic, and traffic is valuable, it’s time to get paid for all that excess heat! Once you know how to harness the heat, you will be set and people will pay you for all that additional heat you send them!