MSN AdCenter Management

Pyramid SEO can help you set up and manage your MSN AdCenter campaign so you get the most for your money. When done right, we can often help clients get keywords for less per click that they might be paying for on Google - the traffic is not as large, but it can be a great bonus. We are experts in pay per click, so let Pyramid SEO help you out today!

Now that Microsoft powers all Yahoo searches, it is more important than ever to be seen on both platforms. With close to 30% of the search marketing market share, you should not forget about AdCenter - often it's a great way to get cheaper clicks and get you customers for less money than AdWords!

The AdCenter interface is definitely different than Google AdWords, but we know are way around and can set up a high performing campaign that will start generating new leads for you immediately. We can load broad, phrase and exact match keywords along with highly targeted advertisements that will match up well with the goods and/or services that you are selling.

There are many great reports that we can run to show you the list of keywords that are generating traffic for your site. Periodically we will work with you to identify any outlier keywords that Google is serving and block those so we are not showing your ads for keywords that don't make sense. For example an auto mechanic might want to get traffic for transmission and brake repairs, but they might not sell any parts. We would help you block those part keywords and prevent your ad from showing in Bing.