Link Building

Link building is the heavy lifting of the search engine optimization world. It's very similar to building the foundation of a house, it's not exactly sexy or fun work, but boy is it a unbelieveable necessity (and oddly enough we just love doing it)! Put simply, back links to your site tell Google what you are all about. Take a look at this html tag: href="">Blue Shoes. This html code has to exist on someone else's site and point back to your site. That html tag serves as a vote for your website - the more votes you have the more popular you are. Also, the anchor text in our example was "Blue Shoes", so not only does Google see a vote for it also knows that you sell Blue Shoes - and you get credit in the search engine results pages (SERPS) for Blue Shoes.

All back links are not created equal. Certain back links carry much more weight than others and that's where Pyramid SEO's expertise comes in to help you out. There are numerous ways you can build back links, here are some of the ways we can help you do it:

Get details on specific techniques: