Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is a must have for almost every business out there. There are so many people right now looking for your services and what better way to connect with potential customers than buying the keywords they are typing in. On the face of it, AdWords is pretty simple, put in your credit card, type in some keywords, set up your advertisement and you're on your way. Once you look under the hood though, it is clear that AdWords is complicated and getting more complicated by the day. Here are a few of the areas that Pyramid SEO can help you out:

Keyword Selection
Picking the right keywords is very important. If you miss out on some of the long tail keywords you could end up with a higher cost per click (CPC) than you should have.

Ad Group Creation
When most people sign up for Google AdWords they only create one Ad Group and then throw all their keywords into one ad group - this is a mistake! We can help you create the right amount of Ad Groups to optimize your campaign correctly.

Ad Copy Creation
You need very targeted ad copy to make sure you are getting the most out of your keywords. Did you know that you should sometimes include your keyword in every line of your ad copy? We have many more tips like this that can help you improve your click through rate.

Click Through Rate Monitoring
Click Through Rate (CTR) is the end all be all of Google metrics. If you start your campaign off w/ a low click through rate you will be paying way more than you should and you might even incur what's called a Google Slap - a very bad problem if it happens to you. We can work with you to ensure a high click through rate to get your campaign started in the right direction.

Quality Score
Did you know that each of the keywords that you are bidding on has a score of 1-10? There are many factors that go into this score, but the bottom line is a higher score will translate into a lower cost per click and who doesn't want to save money?

Dynamic Insertion
Use dynamic insertion to match up your ad copy to your keywords so that your customers see the most targeted keywords possible - we can help you out with this!

Google Content Network
The Google Content Network is not for first timers - this traffic typically converts at lower levels than search traffic, so much care must be taken when setting up a content network campaign.

Negative Keyword Creation
There are some keywords out there that don't relate to your business at all and what better way to ensure you don't get people to your site that through negative keywords lists - let us help you create one today!