Blog Creation

We can design and set up your blog for you so you can get out there and post to your heart's content. Don't want to do all the posting yourself? Well we can help you with our Content Creation Services. If you have a custom theme that you'd like installed we can do that for you, though we are always partial to our own custom themes, you can check some of them out in our Website Portfolio.

We can tell you why we like Statpress, All in One SEO and Akismet (a must have) for your Wordpress plug-ins. Don't know what a Wordpress plug-in is? No problem, we can install them and you'll never have to worry. We can also help you upgrade when Wordpress comes out with a new release - bascially we can help you get the look and feel you want for your blog and make it super simple. Wordpress is such a great content management system (CMS) in that once your blog is set up you don't need to know any html to keep it going, just type your post and you'll be off and running.